That guy who likes giraffes

Hi! I'm Mike. I like a lot of things. From coding and writing to table-top and video games and photography, I am forever exploring. Lately I've been doing a lot with prop and costume making, leaping into the giant world of cosplay. Going hand-in-hand with that are DIY projects and building out my workshop.

This Tome of Secrets

What I've put together here is an ever-expanding collection of my experiences and knowledge, in part to share with you and help others along their way, but also to find my focus and drive myself to do more. After all, if I'm not learning, things stagnate and I grow bored, and you learn by doing. So, by helping others, I can also help myself.

I hope you enjoy.

Those social cues

You can find me on a number of other sites. Don't be shy; let's connect!

Random tidbits and musings throughout the day.

Let's swap code! I'll show you my pull request if you show me yours.

Belay My Last
Tips, advice, and thoughts from me on storytelling, world creation, and good game design through role-playing. Also on Twitter as @BelayMyLastRPG.

The Replica Prop Forum
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