Mike Branski

3 minute read

Earlier this week I wrote about Mozilla’s response to my answers to their web developer survey and how they were building strong ties and customer loyalty through communication. On top of taking the time to respond, the information they provided was very helpful. Below are excerpts from the e-mail I received from Alix Franquet in response to my feedback, as well as some comments about the items discussed.

Mike Branski

1 minute read

This is just a quick tip, but ever since discovering it I use it constantly. A lot of developers use PHP’s print_r() function to display human-readable information about a variable, which makes it great for debugging arrays and objects (among other things) very quickly. However, you have to wrap the output in <pre></pre> tags otherwise it gets spit out in a jumbled mess and doesn’t display nicely.

Mike Branski

2 minute read

Customization is key, so when I had spent a considerable amount of time trying to disable editor resizing in CKEditor and kept coming up blank, it started to get frustrating. Here we have a pretty solid editor coupled with a pretty solid lack of documentation – reminds me a bit of Magento! To their credit, it’s still extremely new and they are working on documentation for it. That aside, I managed to stumble across a post on their forum that led me in the right direction.