I sat down to write this post four hours ago. It did not get written four hours ago. Instead, I was distracted by the new version of WordPress (v2.2). I went to download it, as I’m sure I’m overdue for an update; but before I installed it, I wanted to get it set up locally to test because I hate updating and having it end up broken. Turns out I haven’t copied this site to my local server yet, so I started doing that. Of course, that had to be problematic, so after a while of putsing around with my WAMP install, I downloaded the EVE-Online 14 day trial and became thoroughly distracted.

I have not played enough of EVE to make a solid review, but I plan to play it some more over the next week or two and really get a feel for the game. I still wish upon wishes that Guild Wars wasn’t so boring; I’ve tried time and again to get into it, but it just lacks any kind of pull (aside from a beautiful world). Star Wars Galaxies had such potential, but they killed that real quick. Asheron’s Call is dwindling away after 7 some years in the industry. I hear Vanguard is pretty good, and that LotRO is worthwhile, too. I actually watched the Grammys with someone who was (is?) working on LotRO; that was really cool. (Oblivion is still fun, but it lacks human interaction being a single player title.)

(My writing felt really forced tonight; I’m out of practice :/)