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I originally started writing this last Friday, but left it unfinished. It’s now Wednesday morning and I find myself in the same boat I was in then and decided to post it.

A few years ago I was introduced to CrossFit through the paleo community, but hadn’t tried it. Some time last year I did an evaluation session with a place on the East Side, but didn’t pick it up. (Notice a trend here?) Come Easter, we had our usual family get together and my cousin told me he’s been going to the one right by my place, and loves it. I’ve seen people have tremendous results with the sport and want to improve my overall health and fitness, so back in June I joined CrossFit Muskego.

I don’t usually post about my workouts anymore; I don’t want to be that friend/family member/co-worker (you know the one) who talks ad nauseam about their physical feats each day. I don’t take any offense to others who do so - I simply skip over what I’m not interested in - but it can get annoying.

That said, holy smokes, Friday I thought my arms had been replaced with pool noodles. As it was, I had to start writing this by pushing the keys one-by-one with the mechanical pencil in my mouth.*

* Slight exaggeration.

Then last night was the most challenging workout I have attempted (key word there). The feeling I got when Coach told me to call it hit me like a lead weight sinking in my gut. I physically could not support myself anymore. My arm kept locking up. I was dehydrated. And it was the first time I was unable to complete a workout.

All in all, it was the right call, but still disappointing. Coaches Mike and Matt were both incredibly helpful, supportive, and encouraging, though. I just need to be more aware of my water intake, keep pushing toward better sleep, and build my upper body strength.

Oh, and work on my snatches. That movement’s hard to keep straight.

Though crushing, it’s important to remember Dani’s words: “So what if you didn’t complete the workout? You are so far ahead of everyone that stayed at home and sat on the couch. At least you got out there. At least you tried. You did your best. And you’ll go back and keep doing it.”

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