After learning about this GTD craze thanks to Hyaline Skies, I ventured out to Barnes and Noble today and picked up two Moleskines: one regular and one pocket-sized. For a while I have been in great need of a more organized way of keeping track of things; my current method of Post-It notes everywhere has started to take its toll. Save for the tabs, I have my pocket-sized GTD Moleskine all set up, but I’m still debating putting in my own tab for journal/blog entry ideas. I’m leaning toward not doing so simply because I have the larger Moleskine I picked up which will be used as my pen-and-paper journal, which I can always go to for blog ideas.

Today’s Tuesday, meaning tomorrow’s Wednesday… Do I get a gold star for that one? The reason I mention it is because I hope to find out tomorrow whether or not I landed that job at Layer One Media; I have confidence in how I did at my second (first in-person) interview. I know I sort of botched the first question, which was a hands-on display of how I would layout database tables for a store selling DVDs online. Considering I had roughly 7 seconds to think about it, I think I faired okay; that and I got bonus points for erasing it when I was done. :) The rest of the interview went well, and we saw eye-to-eye as far as salary requirements go, which always makes thing run smoother. I’ll keep everyone posted when I hear more.