Title case always leaves me second guessing. (Just found this neat little tool.) Anyway, I was mulling over things to write tonight, since it would seems I haven’t posted in two-and-a-half weeks. After a week or so, I hadn’t realized it had been that long and started thinking about a new post. Then I kept forgetting or putting it off, and now we’re 17 days later and I’m finally writing something. I suppose I could blame it on quitting my job and going fully self-employed, but who am I to make excuses? Okay, I give: I’ll blame it on that. That’s why I haven’t been working out either, right? Yeah, I’ll go with that.

Workouts on Google CalendarPretty dismal, eh?

Where was I? Oh, right: not making excuses. My lovely girlfriend gave me a “just because” gift today: a food processor! I’ve been talking about picking up one for some kitchen adventures, but just haven’t pulled the trigger. She came home and surprised me with one and solved the whole thing! I got her a present today, too: new wipers for the car. I’m pretty awesome, right?

Since I seem to have the attention span of a goldfish right now – which is better than you’d think, by the way. In fact, this pretty much sums it up:

The memory span has been proven not to be 3 sec, but up to 3 months. The attention span however for a fish is very short as they tend to get bored easy.

What were we talking about? Something about new topics, I think. So, since my girlfriend got me a food processor, and last year I bought a Kitchenaid stand up mixer (in Empire Red, thankyouverymuch), I thought it’d be fun to write about adventures in the kitchen as I explore new tools and recipes. This would have the added bonus of going hand-in-hand nicely with Melanie’s cookbook she’s compiling and give me more avenues to pursue and develop my photography.

Along semi-related thoughts, I’m in the beginning phases of preparing my first D&D adventure as a DM. Pretty sweet, right? I know. As I learn the ins and outs of running a delpaign, I can share my trials and tribulations here, offering tips, insight, and witty humor to entertain us all. The balance I’m trying to find is in crafting a rich game world for the players with engaging storylines, but not scripting so much that it plays out like a novel with only one concrete path. That will come with experience, I’m sure, and I have a feeling this will help me segue into writing a novel like I’ve always wanted.

Yikes, this post might be a little hard to follow. I definitely wasn’t focused tonight, but, by golly, at least I wrote.