Mike Branski

1 minute read

I wrote Relearning How to Have Fun 21 months ago, and yet, reading it again today, I feel like I just stepped out of a time machine. It is just as relevant as when I wrote it, but with a key distinction: I’ve gone through a tremendous amount of change since – especially in the past nine, five, one months.

I’ve said very little about my goals to very few people this year, and with reason: telling someone about your goals gives a sense of accomplishment and can cause you to make less real progress than if you hadn’t made the proclamation at all. So, inspired by that and My Goals (or Lack Thereof) for 2015, I enacted change – within myself and how I go about life. I resolved to start making progress on things and share my accomplishments instead of just the idea of them.

This isn’t v2.0, or a New Year’s resolution. This is an attitude shift – a change in my approach to life – and the next step toward filling it with what I love, and removing anything else. Happy now.

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