No post yesterday. Crazy.

I just got back from a show headlined by Heroes! Villains! It was cool to finally see them play, and they put on quite a good show, albeit rather short. I think they played just the five songs off their newly released sampler, but it was solid stuff. The opening and bridge of each song particularily shined for me. If you’re interested in hearing what they sound like, check out their MySpace page.

I took photos at the show tonight, which was tough even for a local venue. They played at the 8th Note Coffee House at the UWM campus, and I think they only had one light on, and that was lighting the far wall by the drummer. I didn’t bring my flash because I hate using it at shows, but I had no choice, even shooting at ISO 1600. I don’t have a decent wide-angle lens yet, and with local shows you’re usually right in front of the band or you can’t see them at all, so I only brought my 18-55mm kit lens and ended up having to use the XT’s built-in flash, which is just a nightmare. Pictures coming later today.