I just finished uploading the photos I took at the Heroes! Villains! show Friday night at the 8th Note Coffee House on the UWM campus. As I said earlier, the lighting was absolutely horrendous, and I didn’t bring my flash (usually don’t use one at shows), but the lighting was so bad that I had no other choice. Couple that with the kit lens not being able to focus for shit in even remotely dark conditions, I shot in manual focus for the first time at a show, which worked surprisingly well. I’ve actually been focusing manually more often lately; it’s kind of fun, and can be a lot quicker with lenses that tend to “hunt.” All things considered, I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Tonight I re-realized my liking of a band called Forgive Durden; I highly recommend going to their site and letting their three songs play out. While you’re at it, why not go ahead and add them on purevolume and MySpace?

In the meantime of getting more clients and/or a regular full-time Web development or photography job, I might go to Art’s Camera and apply for a part-time position after the holidays are done. The extra cash would be welcomed, and I love photography so it might be kind of cool at the same time. That, and maybe I get a discount on camera gear! That’d be dangerous.