Me: “I have $150 in charges that shouldn’t be there and I need to find out why this keeps happening”
Them: …long pause… “So you want to know where they’re coming from?”

Of course I want to know! Seriously WTF?
On December 4th I paid November’s bill (Nov 3 – Dec 4). On December 14th I paid for December’s early because there was some shuffling of accounts. I get my bill today and it reads $190,when I really only owe $70. So I call them, get someone who seems to notice the problem, but then get disconnected after 15 minutes on hold (my fault).

So I call back, and I get someone who sounds like they’re still in high school and are failing every course dealing with logic and common sense. Now she tries telling me that payment on December 17th was for the previous month (November), and I’m telling her that no, it isn’t!

Speaking very slowly and deliberately, I ask her if she can see the payment I made on December 4th and state that payment covered November. Then I proceed to December 17th and confirm the second payment and state that one covered December. It’s at this point I really think I lost her as she put me back on hold and I’ve been waiting ever since.