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At the risk of overstating the obvious, being sick sucks. My stomach had been rumbling since the weekend, and while I tried blaming it on eating some non-paleo foods while we were camping, I didn’t start feeling better as I my diet returned to normal (and in reflection I actually didn’t eat bad at all!). Taking to my colleague today all but confirmed I simply have a case of the stomach flu, as she recounted her less than favorable weekend feeling like crap.

Camping in and of itself wasn’t without it’s tough spots, either. This was bumpier than our trips normally go, and Mel was left to plan and pack by herself with no help from me while I was working, which is never pleasant. We forgot the board games at home, and the rain Saturday night meat we weren’t sitting around the fire for a while. We had pillows (two this time!) and tooth brushes set out, but we somehow managed to not grab them when we left – oops! – but we fashioned some pillows out of clean laundry. I’m just glad Mel was the one in charge, because if it were up to me I probably would have forgotten the tent, the car, and possibly myself. All in all it was still fun, though! We hiked before the rain, watched the storm when it rolled in, and ate plenty of s’mores, though, let’s be honest, you can never really have too many of those.

While in the Kettle Moraine, I was able to give Verizon a true test. Last time I was still with AT&T, and even checking the weather was a task that could take an hour before a data signal came through. With Verizon, though, we had a 1x connection the entire time. Now, I have no idea what that means, as I’m accustomed to GSM carriers, but I pulled a steady 0.56Mbits down and kept a steady, clear connection. Even a phone call home worked without a hitch and was plenty clear on both ends, with the signal strength for voice and text showing about the same on both carriers (I still have my iPhone 4 on AT&T since I didn’t port my number out yet).

Now, Mel and I were in the fence about switching to Android phones – Samsung Galaxy SIIIs, to be precise – but we’ve made up or minds. That, however, is a story for another day. (Spoiler alert: I wrote this post using one.)

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