Mike Branski

1 minute read

For those of us who are goal oriented (or at least pretend we are), there’s a nifty website out there called Joe’s Goals.

From the website:

[…]I built Joe’s Goals to make it stupidly simple to create, track, and share your personal goals. It is a productivity application that is actually easy enough to use.

And it really is just that: a website with some tools to help make tracking your goals as simple as it should be. You can have positive or negative goals; give each goal a weight of anywhere from -5 to +5 points; set what days each goal shows up on; create a log to take notes in (for example, what exercises you did that day); and more.

Oh, and you can get a nifty badge to put on your site or your Google homepage.

Take note: unless your goal is goal tracking itself, the site won’t help you actually do your goals. That’s coming in v2. (just kidding)

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