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I originally wrote this in Momento, but decided to share it here as well.

Yowza! I haven’t written here in three months. Realizations like this feel so cliché. “Ohh, I haven’t written in a while, but I really want to, but I still don’t do it. Boo hoo hooooo.” So shut up and write, you ninny, or stop complaining! No one cares that you say you’re going to do something. They care when you do it.

I’m showing marked improvement in that area this year, and aim to become even better. I’m starting to get things done, hunker down and focus, and see things through. Sure, I still have ideas coming a mile a minute sometimes, but I can’t hope to realize them all. Instead, I’ll focus on the ones that grab me and make them shine.

2012 is the year of me. What are you doing with yours?

Some other random thoughts I’ll elaborate on later:

  • Diablo 3 beta was incredibly underwhelming
  • My new Creative T40 speakers rock
  • I started dual-posting to Instagram (search for Mike Branski) and Flickr, and will continue with regular photos each week to reboot my interest in photography
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