There’s a reason that when I signed up at Joe’s Goals, my page was entitled Mike’s Goals: they’re mine. This means I should do them, but as you can tell, I haven’t been. When I first signed up for Joe’s Goals, things were rocky; but before long, I had as many as 11 points in a day. Then as with most things geared toward making changes that require time and a regular schedule, things tapered off again, bringing me to now. After a three day stretch of NOTHING, I’ve begun placing little green check marks on my chart again.

Working at home is actually very tough; it requires a lot of discipline, and takes a lot of self-control to set a schedule and stick to it. A lot of people say, “Oh, it must be nice to work at home,” and it is. It also has its downsides, like sleeping until noon because you can and then staying up until 4am to make up for sleeping all morning. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a 2nd-3rd shift schedule; it just makes interacting with anyone not on a 2nd-3rd shift schedule very difficult. That, and it’s nice being awake during the day, seeing sunlight.