So, I’m sure there has to be at least one person who’d like to see me go to this year’s php|tek PHP Conference, right? It’s only $750… Damn it. I’ve wanted to go to one of these, ever since hearing about the PHP cruise some years back.

I’ve been super busy this past week getting my portfolio account on deviantArt up and going. After sorting through 11,000 some photos of mine, I narrowed down the best of the best and put them online, making many available for purchase as prints and other goodies.

You know what I get annoyed with myself over? Forgetting I have RSS feed subscriptions. I’ll boot up my laptop some days and realize that I haven’t checked the darn thing in a week or two, and as I’m subscribed to LifeHacker and Make Zine, I get quite a few items in there. So, I often find myself spending an hour or so pouring through all the new entries, catching up on the latest cool thing to do with your iPod or the newest way to stay productive (good for you college kids who get distracted while writing papers).

As of yet, I haven’t heard from Layer One Media, however last Friday they did e-mail me saying they were planning on making me an offer!! I’m really stoked on this, but as my friend points out, it’s not 100% until I walk in my first day. (Still excited, though! :)