My goal is to start doing any one of the following things, and sticking with it. At no point do I want to not be doing something fun like this, and it’s high past time that I make it happen. I often have ideas to do something, and while I’m not saying even half of them are any good, I still generally don’t bring them to life – even the really good ones. So, what follows is a short list of some of the thigns I’d like to accomplish, and it is my goal to make them happen.

To avoid overwhelming myself, I’m not going to try to do them all at once; that would seem just a bit silly. However, there’s no reason I can’t poke around with a couple of them simultaneously, so long as I’m actually progressing with one of them at any given time.

List of goals

  • Become conversationally proficient in a foreign language
  • Learn Blender for 3D modeling and animation, and bring my short story to life
  • Build an application with Adobe Air
  • Write an ebook
  • Create an e-reader cover

Become conversationally proficient in a foreign language

I’ve begun learning French, and it will be the most practical for talking with my girlfriend’s family and friends. However, I’d also like to learn Japanese, or possibly some other Asian language.

Learn Blender for 3D modeling and animation, and bring my short story to life

I wrote a short, 10-page script in college that I want to model and animate. Blender seems like a good candidate because it can do everything I need (I think) and it is free. The biggest potential hurdle will be finding good resources for using the latest (currently beta) version, 2.5.

Build an application with Adobe Air

It would be cool to write cross-platform applications in Adobe Air 2.0, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a market for them, despite it’s potential. That said, a cross-platform novel writing app was always something I thought about creating.

Write an ebook

I really do like to write, but I often put it off or neglect to do it entirely. Perhaps I’m not meant to be a writer, but the thought of it always excites me. Is it the writing itself that I find enticing, or something else?

Create and sell an e-reader cover

Having received a 3rd generation Kindle not too long ago, I’m pretty disappointed with the lack of well-designed and useful cover offerings – and I’m definitely not alone. Sure, there are a lot of pretty nice ones out there, but none of them quite fit the bill for me and many other users. I have rough plans jotted down on paper for an initial Kindle version that I’d love to produce, and eventually offer it for other e-readers like the nook and tablets such as the iPad and Xoom.