I was talking with my buddy Brad on Sunday after I took my girlfriend to the bus station for her two week trip back to Canada. I told him how I was bummed out that we were going to be apart again, although I was happy it was only two weeks this time instead of five. Time will likely fly by (and it already seems to be a bit!) since I’ll be so busy with work and getting settled into our new place, but Brad decided it could use a little bit of a fun boost, and so Two Weeks of Creativity was born.

Yesterday was the first day of the creative exercise, meant to both help pass the time and give ourselves a creative “break” from work and the other necessities of day-to-day life. Yesterday’s theme was “Flowers”, and my entry is below, which is followed by Brad’s.

[![Twelve Days of Creativity - Day One - Flowers](http://cdn.mikebranski.com/2010/07/DayOne-Flowers.jpg "Day One - Flowers")](http://cdn.mikebranski.com/2010/07/DayOne-Flowers.jpg)Day One - Flowers
I found the picture of the lily from [an AKVIS tutorial](http://akvis.com/en/coloriage-tutorial/examples/lily-gallery.php) and modified it to expand the background.
[![Brad - Twelve Days of Creativity - Day One - Flowers](http://cdn.mikebranski.com/2010/07/To+Jacque-e1279682989125.jpg "Brad - Day One - Flowers")](http://crappylogoproductions.blogspot.com/2010/07/two-weeks-of-creativity.html)Brad - Day One - Flowers