Initially I just sent this to my good friend and fitness coach, but, I figured, why not toss it up here with some thoughts as well? This was the first weekend of my renewed serious get healthy plan. I’ve talked about eating better before, but, the truth is, I really like to eat! So it’s been tough. I’ve recently been able to admit to myself that, not only do I need to stay conscious about the foods I eat, but, since I like to eat, and, especially, bake (hello, Kitchenaid mixer), I also need to work out and get fit to help curb excessive weight gain. It’ll also be great for me to get in shape both physically and mentally by exercising and expending energy that you just don’t’ release sitting at the computer all day.


I started this program last week Thursday, and did my second run on Saturday. Each week is broken up into three workouts, and I have my final one of the first week tomorrow. I don’t like running much, but I think that’s largely because I can’t do it for very long, and it’s not very fun when you’re no good at something. So, I’m tackling this plan to gradually build up my running endurance in incremental steps to see if I enjoy it more the better I get. If not? Well, hey, at least I can say I ran a 5k and can focus entirely on biking! Not a bad thing at all.


Although I thought it was going to be a lot higher, I actually came in decently under budget. A light breakfast and lunch helped offset snacking with friends later.


No real workout today. I was on a photoshoot from 12:00-7:00, but there was a lot of driving to different locations in the car, and standing behind the lens, so I logged it as 1.5 hours of slow walking. I opted for salad with light dressing (instead of fries) at dinner because I knew we were going to get ice cream afterwards. I could have split mine with Mel, but I splurged and ate the whole thing (don’t worry, she got her own!). Oscar’s doesn’t have nutrition info online, so I cobbled it together based on estimated servings of the ingredients, and I think I made it slightly higher than it might have been, but I’d rather over estimate than under.

Today was the only day I went over my allotted calories, which I’m not happy about, but no exercise and an ice cream can do that. Plus, I do not think my lunch was entirely accurate: 180 calories for a serving of organic tofu from Noodles seems very high – there wasn’t all that much of it, but I could be wrong.


I went up .4 pounds from yesterday to today. Given that you fluctuate all the time, and I had a higher-calorie day, I was happy that it didn’t go up more. Just gotta make sure I stick with it and stay on track again for tomorrow. I think it’s okay to go over *once in a while* (but obviously aim to stay on track most of the time), as long as I don’t make a habit of it. Tomorrow Mel and I are packing our workout clothes and hitting the gym right after work. Here’s to week two. :)