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Holy crap, did anyone see October? I swear, it was just September, then I blinked, and suddenly Halloween has come and gone without much ado, the first snow has fallen, and we’re 12 days into November. I’m going to have to ask Katie if she’s figured out when October is so I can be better prepared next year.

So what’d I do all month? Well, mostly I worked. And then I worked some more. Hey! It’s November and I’m still working. In fact, last night I released StageBloc’s brand new, fresh-from-the-oven theming engine! I even build a pharmacy locator tool for a client. But all of that work (no matter how cool it is!) made the month fly by.

Enter November, and I’m still busy with work, but I’ve added something else to my plate, and not for the first time, either: NaNoWriMo. Yes, I am doing National Novel Writing Month again! I attempted it two years ago, but I tackled what may have been a tough subject, and didn’t approach it with the right mindset – a.k.a., anything and everything goes, and what’s with the editing?

Then I tried it again the following January, and I faired much better – I clocked in over 20,000 words – but I still failed to see it through. I “took a break” from it last November, but committed myself to it again this year. Armed with No Plot? No Problem!, and some encouragement from fellow NaNoWriMo’ers, I’ve been making great progress. I started out the first day with a surplus word count, then was a little short the second day. And then I skipped days three, four, and five. I was in the middle of launching previously stated project for my client, and I simply did not squeeze in any writing.

I thought being behind 5,000 words spelled certain doom, but with it being so early in, it wasn’t a problem at all. I just resolved to top 2,000 words every day thereafter, and as of two days ago I was only one day behind! But then I didn’t write yesterday; I simply wasn’t feeling it, and so I focused on other things. Now I’m sitting down to write tonight and wouldn’t have minded at least a 500 word effort last night.

No worries, though! If I keep on-pace with 2,000+ words per day, I’ll sail past the 50,000 goal no sweat. Well, there may be sweat, but hey, some motivational statement about perspiration, right?

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